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Website Introduction

Wild Apricot is again our website host. To those of you returning to it and to those residents new to it, below are instructions for accessing the site and keeping informed about Vizcaya and Palm Aire. Welcome to all.

In your preferred internet browser, type in the website address line and touch Enter.  The Vizcaya web site should be displayed on your screen.  Note that the site automatically adjusts its size to your smartphone, tablet, or desktop display.

You are now in the public area of the site that can be viewed by anyone who opens the site.  Feel free to explore how we present ourselves to the public.

You will notice a menu bar just below the Welcome sign allowing you to navigate the site.  Click on Join Us in the menu.  Select Membership Level, usually “Owner,” and Next.  Enter your e-mail address and the code displayed in the security box, then touch Next

Already in the System or Forgot Password

It is possible that your profile has been set up for you from information you provided at your orientation interview.  If so, the following message appears,

This email is already in our database, please log in. (Do not have your password? Use forgot password button)

Login with your email and password. 

You should then receive two emails, one confirming your membership acceptance, the second with your temporary password.  If not, click Forgot Password and you are taken to a page asking for your email and enter the security code below.  The system will email you a message containing a link similar to: 

Click the link in your email and you are taken to the Reset your Password page, enter your new password and repeat to confirm.  The system will respond:

Password has been changed successfully. Now you can log in with your new password.

New to the System

If your profile has not been set up, Click Join Us and select membership level. Enter your e-mail and the security code and NEXT, and a Profile page will be displayed. Fill in the requested information and touch NEXT.  A confirmation page comes up. To review your data, click Back to correct or Confirm to continue.  This takes you to your Profile page with the message,

Your application has been submitted and is being reviewed. It will be activated upon approval. Please contact the Administrator if you wish to cancel your application. 

When the Administrator verifies your application, you will be accepted and receive a confirmation email.

 “Dear New Vizcaya-ite, 
You have been registered as a member of Vizcaya At Palm Aire Condominium   

You will also receive an email containing a system-generated, temporary password. 

When you next visit the site, you see a log-in icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Click Login, enter your email address and temporary password.  Wild Apricot is our website host and you must agree to their terms of use.  There is a link to click to read them.  Click checkbox by “I agree….” and Continue to become a member and enjoy the full website.  You will be asked to enter a new password that will be yours. Jot it down so you’ll be sure to remember it.

You will notice Members Only Area has been added to the menu.  Also note the website search box in the upper left corner of the home page.  You are now free to explore the website.  We suggest clicking on Members Only Area, followed by Sitemap in the menu.  This gives you an overview of the total viewable site content.  Yes, there are pages under construction that will be available when completed. 

One often-used page is Directory.  Click on it while in the Members Area and you see the Membership Directory.  There are three links that will take you to Board Members, Stack Captains, or Management company.  Type a few letters of the person’s name you wish to contact in the search box and a short list will be presented.  Click your friend's name and their profile page will be presented.  Click Send Message and a pre-addressed email page will open, fill in subject and body and click send.  Note: In the mobile app, you can also touch a BLUE phone, cell or Email and generate a call or Email.

If you have an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet, click the Mobile App  link on the Home page to go directly to the Mobile Apps page    


If you have any questions, contact Fran Menzel at

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