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Dear Neighbors,

Just a brief update to keep you informed of events at Vizcaya and the Palm Aire community.  As most of you know, we cancelled our regular scheduled board meeting last week due to the Coronavirus.  At this point, we have not rescheduled the meeting and will not until we have a clearer picture of how events continue to develop. 

We have taken action on the following open initiatives:

1. The concrete restoration project has been delayed until the state shutdowns on non-emergency services are lifted.  In addition, with our residents confined to their homes, we surely don’t need the addition of noisy construction going on seven hours per day.

2. The tree restoration program that has been approved by the city has been temporarily put

on hold due to the shutdowns of tree nurseries.  We will begin the 2 ½ year program when the

appropriate trees are again available.

3. Currently, our property management company is functioning electronically, but their

 offices are closed.  In the next few weeks, we expect to schedule a telephonic internet

 conference with Campbell to discuss the 2020/2021 annual budget.

4. In the coming week, we will continue and finish the gutter cleaning of all the Gardens

  buildings that began last week.

5. The city has reversed their decision regarding eliminating glass in their recycling bins and

  It is now acceptable once again.  Please wash the bottles and NO bottle tops. 

 We have been clearly educated for the need to wash our hands, social distancing and staying home, but while doing so, it is imperative that we also consider the needs of our neighbors, particularly those that may have health problems independent of the current pandemic. 

 Whether it is a phone call to check on a neighbor, an offer to shop for those that can’t or just the compassion or the goodwill of concern; all can help to ease the stress of the present situation.  You will feel better yourself for doing it.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Lee Corson

President, Vizcaya at Palm Aire Association, Inc.

Cell: 704-965-8217

Internet: leecorson62@aol.com

Updated 03/21/2020 GF


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