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December 13, 2021

Dear Neighbors,

Needless to say, Vizcaya and all of Palm Aire is clearly in the “high season” with terrific weather, large numbers of snowbirds returning to south Florida once again and prospects for a more normal winter season than the last previous year.  Vizcaya has just completed probably the most active yearly real estate turnover since its original development 34 years ago.  Along with the large number of resales there has been significant increases in the purchase prices of our units.

The large sales increase has a created a parallel amount of an increase in the amount of renovation work throughout our community that has frequently caused inconveniences and owner annoyances due to noise and construction debris.  Compounding the problem is the renewed and necessary concrete restoration program in Tower 3 that we re-started in early November after completing the work at Tower 2.

The bottom line to the above problems is the old statement “This Too Shall Pass”.  Much of the work has been completed or is near completion and most of the current on-going work has been accomplished with little or no problems.  The issues we have continue to be addressed and corrected by the Board.

The year end is also the time when we once again select candidates for our Board of Directors.

This year, our outstanding Board member Randy Randolph has opted to retire after faithfully serving on the Vizcaya board in a variety of positions over many years. We Thank Randy for all that he has done for our community and being a former Navy man, we wish him calm seas and smooth sailing in the future.  

In addition to the previous four Board members, we had had one new candidate submit an application for the Board and since there were no others, Peter Cowan from 4112, will now automatically join the previous four Board members (Jerrold Schwartz, Gene Ferris, Jeremy Pierce and myself) to complete our five-person Board. Peter is a successful real estate broker with deep experience in the Vizcaya property as well as Palm Aire.  He will be a wonderful asset to the Vizcaya Board.

 On January 18, 2022, we will have our Annual Meeting followed by a statutory required Organizational Meeting requiring the Board members to elect officers for the coming year. We will post notice of the meeting in January and invite all to attend.

We hope you have had a Happy Hanukkah, and have a Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, Happy Boxing Day and most important, a Healthy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Have Safe and Happy Holidays.

Lee Corson

President, Vizcaya at Palm Aire Association, Inc.

Cell: 704-965-8217


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